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Subject: Wat weman want
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sjoya 6/3/2007 - 12:47:39
Peaple dose any one know wat weman want i try and try but i just cant get it right *

flo_o 6/7/2007 - 8:26:36
Dnt b so obsessd wit tryn 2 figure out wat they want cos its rite unda ur nose.then again if u dnt knw wat they want then u probably didnt try hard enuf! *

jibola23 7/3/2007 - 6:23:46
C'mon m8 not every body nos wat woman want b'cos woman are materialistic while sum are not 4 example woman need love care attention and understand but sum jeweries, bag, shoes and mkeup dats just wat woman want. *

khwezi05 18.11.07 - 03:32pm
I'm new at dis thng bt here goes: women wn2 be lvd + treatd ryt. We wnt u 2 whisper swt nothings 2 us + jst listen wen we say thngs. Den u'll no wat works 4 us + wat doesn't. If all else fails: ASK. *

lerato69 29.12.07 - 10:38am
...wat we women want iz 4u 2stop tryna figa out wat we want coz thur aint nun specific we want!try new thngz,xcite us...ultim8ly we want U n nt da goods *

idothis 3.01.08 - 07:29pm
Sum women want for a man just to spend quality time with them and for u to get to know them wat makes them happy or sad or smile or cry... U know stuff like that ... So fellas LETS GET IT... *

phumie99 1.05.08 - 06:43am
I agree wit lerat0 + khwezi, cos c*m 2 thnk of it mst guys (man) tend 2 jst g0 0va board wit silly thngz lyk th small fyts nd it doesnt rily mata wh0z wrng at th end of th day. Jst wrk it out! Nd ohh ja nd we mst learn 2 apologize *

melodyn 19.09.09 - 08:42pm
Honestly, we dnt know wat we want!! lol! *

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