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Subject: I really like black girls
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22funlad 17.05.08 - 07:27pm
If you wanna talk then let me no... X *

s1ssy 15.09.08 - 11:37am
I love black women too but why wud they date little di*k white boys like us when they can have BIG black *

bronagh 24.09.08 - 11:14am
It aint all about di*k size hun but it helps haha *

elbredo 9.11.08 - 07:31pm
Not all black guys have got a big you know, you've been watchin to much . Us white guys have big di*ks too. *

dr.joe 25.11.08 - 05:37pm
Ppl size doesn't matter what matters is how you use your mshini. *

ebony345 12.03.11 - 03:27pm
Truth is that we black girls dont find white guys attractive, no offence here just the fact. *

exdj.01 22.04.12 - 11:52am
Thats not true ebony345 because ive date black girls before just because you dont like white guys it doesnt mean every black woman thinks the same. And the whole size thing is bs because size varies person to person, I am lucky enough to be well over the average size and bigger than a lot of black guys I know so colour means s**t. *

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